Tiffany Dome

Tiffany Dome

$10 to rent and you can get married here under this magnificent dome.

Tiffany dome in the Chicago Cultural Center. The biggest Tiffany glass structure in the world.

Ten dollar and it’s yours on Saturday morning for a brief civil ceremony. The proper wedding festivities will cost you about a thousand times more than a greenback with a face of Alexander Hamilton on it. But it’s totally worth it.

I have been showing this print in my booth at art festivals for many years now and the stories about weddings dominate the conversations with my customers when they see this image.

For me the value of this image is the beauty of geometry, interplay between square and a circle. For my customers it is happy memories about their wedding.

I am not complaining about it, I am happy to exchange my prints for money.

I simply marvel at the miracle. We are all individual and unique, with different sets of experiences, emotions and values. Despite that we still communicate, understand and empathize with each other. And we are doing just fine.

As Seth Godin once said:

“I don’t know what you know.
I don’t want what you want.
I don’t believe what you believe.
And that’s ok.”


P.S. For those who are curious about the inscription around the dome here it is: “Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn (Addison).”

Originally, the building was designed and built to be the Chicago Public Library.