State Street Bridge

State Street Bridge

State Street Bridge in Chicago. Another bascule bridge over the Chicago River.

Is red better than blue? That is a strange question. Red and blue are different colors. Neither of them is better than the other. They are just different.

You may like blue more than red. But that will be your personal preference, your opinion, your taste. It’s your point of view. Something that makes you individual and unique.

Why did I make this photograph? Because I wanted to. Nobody asked me to make it. I made this image to express my point of view.

There are thousands of images of this bridge. All kinds of angles, light conditions, and compositions. Snapshots and well crafted images.

Why make another image?

Because this image is not about the bridge. The bridge is just a visual subject matter.

This image is about my point of view. It can be defined in three words: symmetry, pattern and detail. Most of the images I make can be described in these three words.

Anywhere I look I see symmetry, pattern and detail. And as a photographer I simply photograph it. Because it is my point of view.

And I share it with you.

Some people who see this image may not like it and will not give it a second glance. And that is totally fine with me. These people have a different point of view.

But some people may have a similar point of view as I do. We are from the same tribe. We are on the same journey. We understand each other.

I create my images so I can find these people.

In the end I hope to learn from them something that I don’t know yet. These people are the best teachers for me.

So, is this the image of the State Street Bridge? Maybe. You decide.