Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times

Optical illusion is an image that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains.

It’s something that is not really there. Look at this image. Doesn’t it look odd?

It seems like the building with the Chicago Sun-Times sign on it continues well to the left after the sign. But wait, what about the glass building on the left? Does it become transparent so we can see through? What’s going on?

Let me explain. The image to the left from the sign is a reflection. It is the same building, just its right side reflecting in the glass building on the left. The reflection is perfectly aligned with the real building so they fuse together. In fact the real building ends where the letter “C” is in the sign. If you look close you can see the edge of the building.

You see what is not really there. Just a reflection. Deceptive? Yes. But have you seen and understood it first, before you read my explanation? Most likely not.⁠

⁠That seems to be the theme of our modern times. We see what we are conditioned to see.