Aqua Reflections

Aqua Reflections

Jeanne Gang reflection in Jim Goettsch’s mirror. Two gods in architecture. One mystery for us mortals to solve.

For those who haven’t been initiated this is a reflection of the Aqua Tower designed by famous Chicago architect Jeanne Gang in the glass facade of the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Tower designed by another famous Chicago architect Jim Goettsch.

They are the gods of Chicago architecture. Or at least the pharaohs, the deputies of the gods.

Pharaohs of ancient Egypt left us the pyramids. Architects of the present times build towers and skyscrapers to be left for future generations.

Ancient Egyptian pyramids were designed as “resurrection machines”. Their purpose was to magically launch the soul of the deceased pharaoh straight into the abode of the gods.

What is the higher function do modern architecture marvels serve? Who knows? But at least we can ponder the mystery of the reflection.